This document is a collection of Glade3 Python Tutorials. After trying every tutorial I could find on the interweb and most are very dated I finally figured out the basics for getting a Glade3 Python GUI to work and it was so simple I smacked my head on the table for all the problems I had when trying to follow the other tutorials.

This is an almost never seen on the web, tutorials without any ads… I hate tutorials written or stolen solely for profit!

The Tutorials

The following tutorials will progress from the simplest thing I can come up with to more advanced. But if your like me you need to understand the basic foundation first. These tutorials are based on Ubuntu 10.04.

These first tutorial will show how to create a super basic GUI that does nothing but exit properly. I hope to progress from there to some kind of working application.

Tutorial 1

Simple GUI using Gtk Builder and Glade3

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3

Status Bar messages and Menu Items

Tutorial 4

Text Entry widget and do an action when a button is pressed

Tutorial 5

Add a Notebook and append tabs

Tutorial 6

Append data and return the row selected from a ComboBox

Tutorial 7

How to pass which button is pressed to your program

Tutorial 8

Add and remove tabs and move tabs in a Notebook

Tutorial 10

The Gtk File Chooser Dialog

Tutorial 11