Install Debian 13ΒΆ

Debian 13 (Trixie) is the Unstable as they call it but if you have really new hardware nothing else might work. If your monitor is stuck at 800 x 600 or less that it can do you might need Debian 12 or 13. I recommend Debian 12 which is in testing and will be more stable than Debian 13.

Install Debian 11 first.

Fix all the annoying things Debian programmers have given us before upgrading to Debian 13 here.

After the install is complete you need to edit the sources.list file. Press Ctrl Alt t to open a terminal

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Change the deb and deb-src lines to match the following and delete the rest.

deb unstable main non-free contrib
deb-src unstable main non-free contrib

Press Ctrl x then y then Enter to save and exit.

sources.list Settings

Open a terminal (Ctrl Alt t) and update the repository

sudo apt update

Install Debian 13

sudo apt full-upgrade

If a blue screen pops up just accept the default by pressing Enter.

Clean up

sudo apt update
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt clean

Reboot the PC

Note: If you check the Debian version with cat /etc/debian_version it will show bookworm/sid until Debian 13 is in testing.